Real life is wonderfully chaotic enough without the stress of variable bills.

Worrying about expensive power bills is now a thing of the past. With a solar battery and matching Arcstream energy plan, you won’t have to stress about using appliances, following your family around to switch off lights or shockingly high bills.

Instead, you’ll live in energy abundance. Once you’ve selected your plan, each month you’ll know exactly how much you need to pay.
In fact, it’s probably similar to the mobile phone plan you’re on right now. If you use all your stored solar energy, your monthly plan includes access to additional grid energy (always green) and highly competitive rates for any top up extra grid energy if and when you need it – leaving behind bill shock and allowing you the freedom to energise your life confidently.

It’s part of our mission to change our relationship with energy.

Enjoy every chaotic moment life throws at you, secure that you have the energy to power it – sustainably and affordably.

Energy Retail Plan

Keen to take a closer look and get certainty around your power bills – here’s our innovative pricing model built specifically to work with Qcells batteries:
Choose your usage type

    Current average daily electricity usage Electricity needs
  • STANDARD less than 20kWh per day Mix of gas and electricity usage
  • SPARK approx. 25kWh per day 2-4 person household, mostly electric use, especially for heating and cooling
  • SHINE greater than 30kWh per day More than 2 adults, all-electric usage, pool pump, thinking of EV
Retail Energy Plan
  • Grid Energy Subscription

    Daily Supply Charge/ Grid Connection Flat rate charge for extra Grid Electricity when you need it Comparison to Victorian Default Market Offer (VDO) Comparison to the QLD, NSW and SA Default Market Offer (DMO) PLUS Bonus Monthly Credits (for being a member of our virtual power plant)
  • $59/mo $0.00 per day 0c/kWh for up to 200kWh per month then 30c/kWh Over 40% less than the VDO Ranges from almost 40% to over 55% below the DMO $30 per month
  • $69/mo $0.00 per day 0c/kWh for up to 200kWh per month then 30c/kWh Over 30% less than the VDO Ranges from 30% to almost 50% below the DMO $30 per month
  • $79/mo $0.00 per day 0c/kWh for up to 200kWh per month then 30c/kWh Over 20% less than the VDO Ranges from over 20% to over 40% below the DMO $30 per month
Compatible with
  • Qcells Batteries

  • Q.HOME CORE 6.8kWh Or existing Q.HOME G2 4kWh or 6.3kWh
  • Q.HOME CORE 13.7kWh Or existing Q.HOME G2 8kWh, 12kWh, 12.6kWh or 18.9kWh
  • Q.HOME CORE 20.6kWh  
  • Solar PV

  • > 5kW system new or existing
  • > 7kW system new or existing
  • > 9kW system new or existing

The freedom to power your life simply, sustainably, seamlessly.

We’re about changing our relationship to energy. To us, it makes sense to offer solar systems and services that free you from cumbersome power costs and the fear of “using too much power”.

Let’s see how we can keep things energised:

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There’s a better way to power your lifestyle. 100% naturally.