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Qcells is one of the world’s largest and leading solar companies, offering a full range of solar products.

With decades of experience in the production of solar panels, solar storage solutions and batteries, Qcells is passionate about the future of solar technology worldwide.

Qcells technology is at the core of Arcstream – providing best in class solar hardware and components. Together, we have a powerful range of future focused offerings to ensure your power requirements are always fulfilled and your energy supports the busy, chaotic lives we all live.

Qcells Q.HOME CORE solar battery and inverter

Intelligent Solar Storage


The third generation energy storage system (ESS) from quality Qcells integrates a solar inverter with a modular battery system developed by Samsung SDI. The modular system allows additional batteries to be added when required. Q.HOME CORE offers solar owners a market-leading 15 years warranty.

The first Q.HOME CORE systems in Australia are being utilised as part of the innovative Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Pilot Program. Arcstream are proud to be part of this initiative, offering participants a fully-integrated energy solution including quality Qcells modules, 100% green VPP energy plan and Q.HOME CORE.

Energy Independence

Q.OMMAND is our intuitive and responsive web monitoring app from Qcells. The app means wherever you are, you’ll have access to all the important components needed to keep your solar system running at peak performance.

You’ll have full visibility on your system’s performance, flow of energy, and dynamic charts. You can view how much energy your PV array generates as a system and per-panel, and how much of that energy is being stored in the battery and consumed.

Reliability and energy

Q.MAXX-G4+ – Innovative all-weather technology

If you also need rooftop solar panels, this high tech solar module from Qcells improves efficiency and provides optimal yields. Whatever the weather, the solar module offers excellent low-light and temperature behaviour. It combines cutting edge cell separation and an innovative design to keep your energy plentiful and constant.

The freedom to power your life simply, sustainably, seamlessly.

We’re about changing our relationship to energy. To us, it makes sense to offer solar systems and services that free you from cumbersome power costs and the fear of “using too much power”

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