Financing your solar energy system is simple.

Funding the solar and battery system you need to start your Arcstream journey is simple and easy.

Self Funded – upfront self finance allows access to the best pricing.

Green Loans – financing your solar energy system is something we are determined to make easy to understand, natural to include in your budgeting and aligned to your lifestyle. We want to encourage the use of 100% green power and to do this, our team has developed a range of tailored finance options, which will launch into the market in the next few weeks.

Access to Special Incentives
– we’ve made it easy to access a range of different government support schemes for solar PV, batteries and VPPs, and we have worked with governments and our delivery partners to be able to offer these to eligible customers.

Arcstream by Qcells can help customers obtain government support and other savings through the:



The freedom to power your life simply, sustainably, seamlessly.

We’re about changing our relationship to energy. To us, it makes sense to offer solar systems and services that free you from cumbersome power costs and the fear of “using too much power”

Let’s see how we can keep things energised:

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Live in energy abundance. Take a look at our packages here: