Who is Nectr?

Nectr, headquartered in Sydney, is an energy retailer and a subsidiary of Hanwha Energy Australia, an Australian energy technology company, dedicated to making renewable energy more affordable and more accessible for people, communities, and businesses.


Why is Arcstream rebranding to Nectr?

Qcells is taking advantage of the energy retail and billing expertise of our sister company Nectr to provide our Arcstream customers with a significant improvement to the user experience and a larger VPP, with potential for much greater reward in the future.


Will my plan change?

Not if you don’t want it to. You will remain on your current energy plan until the end of your 12-month initial period (24 month period for Solar Victoria customers). Rest assured there are no exit fees if you wish to switch to a different Nectr plan or another energy provider.


Do I need to sign up again with Nectr?

Yes, in order to retain your current rates and energy plan you now need to sign up to Nectr. If you do not take action to switch over to Nectr, your account will be affected. Your existing Arcstream-branded plan and billing system will no longer exist from December 15.


What happens if I decide to not sign up before the 15 Dec?

If you choose not to sign up prior to December 15 then you will need to find a retailer of your choice and sign up with them.


What plan will I be on if I sign up with Nectr?

Your plan will remain unchanged, and you will move across the Nectr on the same plan and rates.


How do I sign up?

You would have received an email from hello@nectr.com.au and a text message with a link to sign up on. Please check your email and follow the steps.


Does Nectr have other plans that I can switch to?

Absolutely. Nectr has other plans available for you that are compatible with your Q.HOME CORE.  You can go to https://nectr.com.au/compare-plan/ to compare plans and see which one is right for you.


If I switch plans and want to switch back to my current plan later, can I?

Once you switch to a different plan there is no option to switch back to your current plan.


Am I still going to be a part of a VPP with Nectr?

Absolutely! Nectr has a fully operational VPP that runs very similarly to the Arcstream VPP. Note that while you’ve been receiving an Arcstream VPP credit, the Arcstream VPP had not yet started trading.



Will my contract terms change?

As a part of the transition, we will be sending updated market contract terms, terms and conditions under the Nectr brand.


Will my bill cycle change?

Your bill cycle may change as a result of switching to Nectr.


Will I continue to be billed monthly?

Yes, there are no changes to your bill duration.


What happens if I have direct debit set up, will the details transfer across?

Due to the PCI compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) banking or card details will be unable to transfer to the new Nectr billing system. We will communicate with all Arcstream customers on how to set up your direct debit details again. If you want to get ahead, you can always download our Nectr app or go to our website https://account.nectr.com.au/  and update your banking details straight into your Nectr account. We understand this isn’t ideal and apologise for needing to resubmit your details.


Will I still have access to my usage in the Qcells Q.OMMAND app?

Yes. As Qcells is the hardware manufacturer of your system, this will not change, and you can continue to view your battery and solar panel performance in the Q.OMMAND app. The Arcstream billing page that you are used to in the Q.OMMAND app will be removed. However, we’re excited that you can now also download the Nectr app which allows you to see your current billing information, see your previous bills, view the PowerFlow dashboard refer a friend to Nectr, and more.


Where can I find the Nectr app?

You can download from Google Play or the Apple Store. Alternatively, you can log into your new Nectr Hive account by visiting the Nectr website and clicking on the My Account button at the top right. Or you can click on the link below



Will I still have access to the Arcstream Billing Portal?

The Arcstream Billing Portal will be replaced by the much-improved Nectr Hive billing platform and the Nectr App. You can log in here: https://account.nectr.com.au/


What is Nectr’s privacy and credit reporting policy?

Privacy is of paramount importance at Nectr. We comply with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles, and we have a comprehensive Privacy and Credit Reporting Policy you can access here.


What is Nectr’s hardship policy?

We understand that sometimes life doesn’t go to plan, which is why we have a hardship policy that outlines the financial assistance options that may be available to you, should you experience any financial difficulty. You can view our hardship policy here.