Join our Arcstream Virtual Power Plant

With an Arcstream Energy Plan, you are automatically eligible for membership of our Arcstream Virtual Power Plant.

Join our ‘community of batteries’, ready at any minute to provide services to the grid (such as when additional supply is required), earning you revenue and helping provide grid stability. In fact, we guarantee all our VPP members $30 per month in revenue.

Qcells is an approved VPP provider in the Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program. Check the Solar Victoria website to see if you are eligible for the $4,174 rebate.

The backend complexities of your solar energy plan and solar system are managed for you by Arcstream. Our end-to-end system means changing market conditions, performance and Virtual Power Plant integration are all taken care of – leaving you to simply relax and enjoy your energy. And, if you’re interested in a higher level of visibility over your system, Arcstream offers total transparency with the Q.OMMAND HOME app by Qcells.

The freedom to power your life simply, sustainably, seamlessly.

We’re about changing our relationship to energy. To us, it makes sense to offer solar systems and services that free you from cumbersome power costs and the fear of “using too much power”

Let’s see how we can keep things energised:

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Your life is mobile. We believe your energy management should be too.
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