We believe that life should be lived in abundance – energy abundance. 

Here to bring 100% green, sustainable energy to Australian homes, Arcstream is all about changing the relationship we have with power. We want to make a complete solar, battery and energy solution seamless, simple and attainable for everyone.

We think about energy differently

It’s important to us that Australians are no longer tied to old fashioned power companies, worried about using too much energy, concerned about the impact on the environment and waiting to discover how much their next power bill will be.

Instead, we’ve created an end-to-end solar energy service which brings all your requirements together perfectly.

Making solar simple

Backed by the power of Qcells – a world leader in solar technology – we have worked hard to make solar straightforward with one solution to power the life you want to live:

Quality Hardware

  • Integrated solar and battery storage by Qcells
  • Trusted installer network

Flexible Finance

  • Green loans or pay upfront
  • Access to Government rebates and partner incentives

Simple Energy Plan

  • 100% green energy
  • Flat energy subscription pricing model
  • Flexible plans with no lock in contract and no exit fees
  • Access to a community Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Community Partners

Solar Victoria

Qcells is an approved VPP provider in the Solar Victoria Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot program. Get a quote, and our quoting partner UPowr will submit your rebate applicaton. Check the Solar Victoria website to see if you are eligible for the $4,174 rebate.

Essential Energy

Arcstream by Qcells has joined Essential Energy’s tariff trials project which looks at how different tariffs impact different households and businesses from a bill and liveability perspective. As an Arcstream customer within Essential Energy’s distribution network area in NSW, you’re eligible to participate in a trial tariff and assist in research to see what drives and motivates you to change the way you use electricity. Participants will be invited to complete surveys and may be eligible to receive vouchers and prize draws. Get a quote, and we will contact all eligible customers before 30th November 2022. Read more about this program on the Essential Energy website.


Qcells have partnered with Energex to help manage the ever-transforming electricity network and to provide electricity to Queenslanders in a safe, reliable and affordable way. Energex have developed a proposed new residential network electricity tariff that we are assisting Energex to test and evaluate through tariff trials. If you reside in south-east Queensland and purchase a Qcells battery, switch to an Arcstream energy plan and join our virtual power plant (VPP), you will be eligible to participate in the trial and receive $1,000 in cash rewards. Get a quote, and we will contact all eligible customers before 30th November 2022. Read more about the Energex tariff trial and how you can participate.


If you’re eager to experience solar power and the positive impact it has – make sure you get in touch.

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The freedom to power your life simply, sustainably, seamlessly.

We’re about changing our relationship to energy. To us, it makes sense to offer solar systems and services that free you from cumbersome power costs and the fear of “using too much power”

Let’s see how we can keep things energised:

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